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It's actually pretty decent
Star Rating - 3/5/2015
I've lived here my whole life, that's 23 years of Milwaukee experience and let me just's changed. But that's what's great about living here, you are constantly having to adapt to different living conditions. So let me break down our areas. You've got the north side, not as racially diverse, a majority of African American and Caucasian population. The only jobs you'll find up there are scattered fast food chains and factory buildings. People are generally friendly, some areas are shady but if you stay on the main streets you'll be fine. Then you've got downtown/upper-lower eastside/lakeside. It's hippie nation in that area. Great food, diversity, depending on what you're looking for reasonably priced for the view and easy access to public transportation, Water Street (google it), business and college oriented, museums, during the summer the lakeside has plenty of outdoor activities. I'd say one thing that you've got to have is a hefty wallet for anything besides a pizza and Netflix but always be aware of the awesome deals the attractions have like free days or discount admissions and eats. And you have the south/west/east side. You've got west allis which is a bit more suburbian, family oriented, not a lot of diversity going on there, location for our state fair grounds. General south side which hosts a large Hispanic/latino population which you'll find more of the office or small business jobs. Check out 27th street, it's just one long road that connects all of the areas and has a ton of businesses to explore. Then the lower east side, that's a artsy side of town, pretty dull. Very health oriented, you've got the Alchemist theatre, nice people very family oriented as well. Good schools (not great you've got to do some research), great food, transportation not bad, historical sites, invested in sports (mainly football [green bay packers], baseball[brewers], and basketball[bucks]),SUMMERFEST!!! Largest music festival in the country, music booze, funny people, overall good time that is the place. Hope you like my review and i'll answer any questions.
Aliza | Milwaukee, WI
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