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Ohio: Nothing to See Since 1803
Star Rating - 11/11/2021
Ohio is the armpit of American (with KY being the anus). Phrases such as "Nothing to See since 1803," or "Come to Ohio on vacation, leave on probation," aptly describe what you would see. In Cincinnati, beer, beer, beer. No originality just typical stuff, old, worn out theaters, parks, restaurants......yawn. Columbus is like a shell with the same thing. Cleveland is another echo of above. Surrounding cities like Toledo, Dayton, Akron and so on are all the same. BORING. Hosting one of the largest prison populations, corruption from small villages all the way to the state legislature, it would be best to go around this state or fly around it. In sum, it's like a know what you're in for well before you even open the door.
chris | Cincinnati, OH
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- 10/19/2023
Ohio, not exciting, not bad. Comfortable w/income
Ohio is pretty good if you can get a decent job. Weather is tempered with the great lakes,...
Josh | Brecksville, OH | No Replies

- 10/9/2021
Tons to do, 3 massive cities offering everything
Many large cities with tons of things to do. The the Cs offer anything you like-- water/be...
RobsNCLE | South Euclid, OH | No Replies

- 7/10/2019
Ohio, the heart state.
I have lived in five sections of Ohio for a total of over 35 years. You just need to find ...
Deb | Warren, OH | No Replies

- 4/25/2019
This is a retirement home and a weird one at that.
I've lived in the rural area between Waverly, Jackson, Chillicothe, and Portsmouth for nea...
Dani | Beaver, OH | 1 Reply

- 6/20/2016
Ohio Sucks to live in
I grew up in ohio. Ive seen and been to every corner. The people are rude work is ridiculo...
William | Mogadore, OH | 1 Reply

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