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Star Rating - 11/19/2010
Growing up on Main Street during the 50's and 60's was like growing in Pleasantville. It really was that benevolent, pleasant and quaint.
I could walk through downtown or long walks in the country without fear or having to lock our front door.
Those days are over, and now living in metro Phoenix, or any inner city and all you get on the news is murder, burglary and more murder, that has become part of our daily lives. Violence is a way of life, and most people don't seem to mind hearing gun shots in the middle of the night.
Our country continues to change and Pinckney will always be a place of refuge and strength, the moral fiber of our society that shapes our future generation.
PS If only I could support myself in Pinckney, I would still be there.
Linda | Paradise Valley, AZ
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- 8/23/2009
Great for the outdoorsman
Around Pinckney, there are tons of trails for biking, running, hiking, horseback riding, c...
Sara | Pinckney, MI | No Replies

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