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Denver is Awesome!
Star Rating - 8/17/2012
My uncle that lives in Castle Rock wanted me to visit him for years. I put it off thinking "oh well, it's only Denver" (who cares). August 5th 2012 I finally went to visit him. The airport was amazing. But the drive home from the Airport was ok. But that's when my story starts. We arrived at his home and I was amazed at the view of the mountains, amazed with the weather. In the middle of summer there is no humidity and the best part - no bugs like we have in Chicago. Long story short, we called a realtor and I am now buying a vacation home in that area. Denver is simply amazing. The beauty, the people, the food. Boulder and its "Pearl street" is awesome, Estes Park, Need I say more...
Peter | Redfield, IA
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- 4/26/2018
The Unforgettable Sunset
I have always been mobile for my career, until I moved to Castle Rock. I've lived in in mu...
Ben | Castle Rock, CO | No Replies

- 9/11/2015
Looks can be very decieving, move here with extrem
Castle Rock was a cute semi nice White small town with nothing to do when I moved here in ...
Jennifer | Castle Rock, CO | 2 Replies

- 5/9/2014
mountains of enjoyment
we have four seasons, and the rockies are only two hrs.away. so for the outdoors enthusist...
charlie | Castle Rock, CO | No Replies

- 4/19/2014
Why is the air quality so bad in C.R.?
Castlerock sounds like a great place to live but why is the air quality so bad? That is so...
philip | Pigeon Forge, TN | No Replies

- 11/13/2012
Cost of living Question:
My husband and I are thinking of moving to Castle Rock, CO, from Lincoln, Nebraska. We can...
Sal | Lincoln, NE | 1 Reply

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