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Vitamin D Deficiency of Life
Star Rating - 12/17/2019
I am currently writing this review on December 18, 2019 @12:49 am from Batavia NY. I lived in Ruff Buff for 39 years (born and raised), left in 2004 to Alabama, returned to Batavia, NY in 2018, and I have absolutely nothing to boast about. This is not a place to retire or vacation to. If you relocate to Buff and find a beautiful home and neighbor hood, just sit back and watch the local news for about a month...its guaranteed to bring on a deep depression. Buffalo is lacking everything from education, jobs, hospitality, to sunshine. I love my family and they love Buffalo and that's because they've never been anywhere else and are afraid to leave. I will be leaving its dreadful sister, Batavia, next year heading back south. Goodbye Buff, goodbye Batavia, GOOD RIDDANCE NEW YORK!!
renee | Huntsville, AL
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Did you move and where did you move to? It’s the pandemic, so I’m wondering if that postponed your plans to move.
Krystal | Baltimore, MD | Report Abuse
- 2/11/2021
Come here to die
If u dont have a connection, Family or friends, They will tell u that u r the problem.I ha...
rich | Grand Island, NY | 4 Replies

- 11/8/2019
Buffalo, The Armpit of the United States
I grew up in WNY and have lived in various parts of the inner city as well as the surround...
Joshua | Delano, MN | No Replies

- 5/4/2019
The average low temperature is 40 degrees and even in the summer you need a long sleeve sh...
Chris | North Tonawanda, NY | No Replies

- 4/18/2019
Friendly place with better weather than you think
I am a current resident of Buffalo. I grew up outside Buffalo proper (by the Bills stadium...
John | Buffalo, NY | 1 Reply

- 12/20/2018
Get Out
Lived there for 51 years and just moved my family to Florida about 5 months ago. I literal...
Brian | Bradenton, FL | 3 Replies

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