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Cornerstone Church is a vibrant church!
Star Rating - 6/13/2008
When I moved to small Ames, Iowa in 2004, I wondered if I could find an alive, growing christian church. I moved from London, England, a huge metropolitan capital city. I was pleasantly surprised to find Cornerstone Church of Ames. It is a great community church that I think really reaches out to meet the needs of the local people. The teaching is great, the community good, and the ministry opportunities are endless. Cornerstone Church truly is a local church with a global vision.
Sarah | Ames, IA
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This church is abusive towards its' members. They attempt to take more control over people than God allows for a church to have. Currently there are numerous people including many college aged students and some even in high school what are in therapy seeking to undo the damage that has occurred in this church. It is similar to what happened in the mid 1980's in a church also having a congregation in Ames named Great Comission International. Streat clear of this church. You would be much better off attending a traditional denomination that this one.
Beth | Ames, IA | Report Abuse

Not true. This church does almost nothing to help the community and does not give to the poor.
Beth | Ames, IA | Report Abuse
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