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Not so great place to live
Star Rating - 6/3/2011
I moved here from Arizona and before living in Az I was living in central California near the ocean. Living here in central Tx is a nightmare during the summer time, its so hot and humid from the middle of May until early Oct. Nov,Feb and March or a very comfortable months here but in April we start seeing spring thunderstorm with very large hail until early June. Some parts of the city of Austin looks okay but its not as pretty as California, Oregon and Arizona I much rather live in those western states or maybe Washington state where there the weather is so much nicer and cooler in the western states. They may get a lot of rains in the western state but here in Tx we always worry about severe drought problem. I rather see more rain because here in Tx sometimes we get lack of rain for a long time. The heat here is so awful here and unbearable that you can't really do much outdoor and if you do some yard work or some activity outside you will sweat like a downpour. Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas has a very hot and humid climate during the summer time. EL Paso is much more comfortable than here because its a higher elevation there and dryer but EL Paso is a little bit uglier than central Tx. Nothing is so great about Tx because there almost nothing to see and its mostly flat with no mountains until you reach very far west Tx you start seeing some mountains out there. I regret moving here to Tx but I didn't really have a choice but I should have moved to Oregon from Arizona because I have been to Oregon before and there so much to do there and very beautiful in Oregon. Northern Ca is very beautiful too but a little more expensive to live than Oregon. The people here in Tx are not too great either some of them are very rude and a lot of rasist rednecks here in Tx. I remember people in Ca and Oregon are so much nicer there and they wave at you all the time and they don't know me but they still wave hello and they come to me talking to me like they know me for years. Texas people are not like that at all they are all pretty much snobs here. There are very few nice people here in Tx and its because they are not from Tx and from somewhere else. Soon I am moving back to Ca or maybe oregon because of hot climate here in Tx and its hard to find a good job here. The people here are also an issue too. Tx drivers are pretty bad here and arizona was bad too. The drivers in Oregon are much nicer driver they don't ride on your bumper like here in Tx. They drive normal like a normal nice people would do. Texas is the worse place I ever live in my entire life compare to Arizona, Ca and oregon. I am moving out of Tx soon.
Jay | Leander, TX
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Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya
Jenna | Austin, TX

I bet you could get lots of people to help you pack if you'd leave earlier!
Tim | Northeast Harbor, ME
- 8/17/2018
High property tax
I’ve lived here for 5 1/2 yrs. property tax go’s up 10% every year. Hard to get around wit...
Bryan | Leander, TX | 1 Reply

- 4/16/2014
Leander, TX not too small
A bit of that small town feel with convenient stores and prices....
Robert | Leander, TX | No Replies

- 1/9/2011
leander small town great location..
i have lived in Leander for 10 is small enough to let you live in quiet comfort....
frances | Leander, TX | No Replies

- 7/12/2009
Great place for young families
Leander, TX is a great place if you are looking for housing at an attractive price. The sc...
Kendra | Leander, TX | No Replies

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