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Star Rating - 4/24/2016
When I was a teen my family moved to Ventura. Back then is was a small town that did not have much to offer for young adults which bothered some but since I'm a outdoors type of person I enjoyed the beach and mountains in the winter with snow. I tell people you can drive to the beach and snow in the same day. Back then the mall was open and the city did not have all of the resturants they do now. There are all types of eating places from local business to chain.

I do miss the climate. I have lived in other cities in the U.S. from Fort Walton Beach, Honolulu, Belton, Texas and Chapman, Kansas. Hands down it was the best place I every lived with Honolulu being a close second for climate and things to do. Ventura is only a 45 minute drive to LA.

However, the reason I do not live there is the cost. I ended up being homeless last time I moved back there. Even the housing projects had a two year waiting list with them not even taking names. I never want to be place again. It was not just the cost but the renters were extremely pickly. They did not want children in there rentals. To get past the laws they only allowed two people to live in a two bedroom apartment. A couple and one baby it left us out. I might when I retire go back to Ventura but most likley it will be up the coast.
Lisa | Chapman, KS
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