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Star Rating - 1/9/2018
It has Oregon Willamette Valley weather which is about 6 good months, 3-4 dark wet and cool months, and 3 unpredictable months. Comparing price of living to Springfield,OR 120 miles south of Portland, I would say our utilities are 3 times what it cost us to live there. Last month we paid $140 for Nat Gas, $132 for water, $75 for electricity, and $15 for Garbage.
Wilsonville is generally walkable and the town has enough nice places to eat or is within 6 miles of any restaurant one would want. Everything is 1 to 2 miles from the center of town. As a realtor I can say the market is growing rapidly. Home building is booming. It has two middle schools and one high school. The high school is ranked in the top 5-10 in the state. My grand daughter attends there and she loves it. They really seem to help kids be successful. Great communication to parents.
Craig | Wilsonville, OR
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- 6/29/2014
A Great Place to Live
My wife and I really like Wilsonville because it is close to Portland, however it does not...
Mark | Wilsonville, OR | No Replies

- 10/7/2013
Let's get the facts straight ;)
Hi Jim "horrible climate"... I invite you to visit Wilsonville again because I would bet m...
ktloohoo | Wilsonville, OR | No Replies

- 4/5/2010
Wonderful place to live
I disagree with the previous review. I have been living here for 6 years. Only one winte...
Abhd | Wilsonville, OR | No Replies

- 7/20/2008
horrible climate
If you like lots of cold, dark, rainy days, you'll love it here. It's not uncommon to go ...
jim | Wilsonville, OR | No Replies

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