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move out of new jersey
Star Rating - 8/28/2007
looking affordable homes . jobs looking like walmart ford dealership and my son is looking for bally gym .public transportation or taxi
judy | Brick, NJ
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- 11/29/2014
Very Hi cost of Living, Bad Traffic, LOTS of store
The only nice thing I can say about living here is the proximity to the beach-which we hav...
Izabella | Lakewood, NJ | No Replies

- 10/2/2010
Police Force will be no help to you
Yes we were and are being robbed harrassed threatened by two crazy drug addicts.Police do ...
melinda | Brick, NJ | No Replies

- 4/28/2010
Youth, Drugs, Gangs, & Crime in Brick Township
Some of the growing problems in Brick Township are with drugs, crime, and gangs, which no ...
John | Brick, NJ | No Replies

- 2/9/2010
Brick and Transportation
First--The population is NOT 44K; it's 78K spread out over 26 square miles, so it's pretty...
Marlene | Brick, NJ | No Replies

- 11/2/2009
Rainy Weather, and Missing the Heat
This year has been a great disapontment to me regarding the weather. The summer was not h...
kim | Brick, NJ | No Replies

- 2/13/2008
#3 In the USA as being the Safest City to Live in,
TOWN: First, our population currently stands at 76,000, not what you have written here. S...
Marlene | Brick, NJ | No Replies

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