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Star Rating - 12/29/2006
Great rural community with minor limits to shopping. However, Litteton, NH is approx 15 miles away, Lancaster, NH approx 16 miles away and St Johnsbury, VT about 20 miles away service the area with most everything a rural resident SHOULD need-NO MALLS just local shops and a few chains (Walmart, McD, BKing, Subway, PHut, KFC, 99's, Applebees, Shaws, Price Chopper, Home Depot, and just built Lowes). Given the median income of the area, most couldn't survive without Walmart (what community can't say that!). But lead by Shaws (lack of competition and transport costs, I'm sure), the chains seem to have adjusted price schedules. Most of these places are located in Littelton, NH where they have chosen to become the regional shopping/dining area. Good news for us rural folks though, where a scenic ride gets us in and out without having to live amongst it all. To the contrary, there are few locally owned diners, shops and hardware stores to remind us that rual living is still comfortable and affordable.

Property values are extremely reasonable for someone moving from the big city areas. I say that with confidence as I am a local Lister and have recently moved here myself. Land values at roughly $1,500 per vacant acre but jumps to $21,000 for a 2 acre house lot (VT Law). Whereas, houses vary widely from hunting cabins (no electric/water) at $1,500, $40-60K for smaller homes and then upwards from there depending on location, land size and house age/size. There are a few lakes in the area where homes typically will cost more despite lack of utilites and sometimes road services.

As for heating and automobile fuels, they seem to react to the national increases faster than suburban southern areas.

As you'll find, jobs are limited and wages are low. So, it helps to come here with an established income that is not affected by local factors.

Sounds rough for some folks but I won't move for the rest of my life!
Don | Lunenburg, VT
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