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Review of Columbia, South Carolina

Star Rating - 4/10/2007
Columbia an unexpected treasure? HA.I am on my way out. The climate is the only good thing going for this city. Except for a few congregated areas of mediocre clubs and shops you will be bored senseless, especially if you are young. Our crime rate is ridiculous,especially the murders which are multiple and daily, for a city with the population we have. I don't even want to get started on driving! You will dread every moment you have to leave your house, b/c people in columbia are NOTORIOUS for not knowing how to drive. I don't even know that the demographics are correct, there are hardly ANY white neighborhoods in this area so if you are looking for one you will be sorely dissapointed. If you are looking to move here it is in your best interest to look elsewhere.
Janine | West Columbia, SC
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white neighborhoods? Jeepers lady you in the KKK or something?
Tamara | Decatur, IL | Report Abuse

Janine what neighborhoods do you know only belong to whites or any race for that matter. People are free to move where they money can afford. You or no one else owns a neighborhood. This is God's creation we are here to enjoy and take dominion no matter who that be.
my-chell | Columbia, SC | Report Abuse

ES and D , A.H.!
Tim | Southfield, MI | Report Abuse
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