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Hialeah, FL.
Star Rating - 7/10/2012
Hialeah is a small town inside the Miami city limits.
It's a ghetto where the "balseros" live.
People are uneducated and unfriendly.
The worst thing that happens here is that crime is very high and you'll never find it in the news nor in a newspaper. Nobody knows about it. Crime is a well kept secret so the tourists keep coming to Miami.
Jackie | Hialeah, FL
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uneducated is what you call an ignorant person whom speaks of others in an ill will manner and labels a population as you did. You obviously come from an uneducated background. since this post was from 2012...hopefully you got educated by now!
Jennifer | Miami, FL | Report Abuse
- 4/6/2019
Hialeah is the perfect place if you don't speak English. Only because it's not necessary i...
Not | Hialeah, FL | No Replies

- 1/25/2017
south hialeah elementary
south hialeah is the school with a fart. we hate our teachers faculty and staff. we hat...
cock | Hialeah, FL | No Replies

- 11/29/2006
"La Ciudad Que Progresa" (The City that progresses
This large, yet small staured city in Miami- Dade County is where you'll find the largest ...
Jose | Hialeah, FL | No Replies

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