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Almost heaven.....compared to CA
Star Rating - 9/7/2017
After living in California for over 30 years, we finally gave up on trying to adapt to the "progressively" worsening conditions. Which? Ever increasing taxes and bonded indebtedness by the left-wing state government; adding more benefits & services for illegals (oops, I mean undocumented immigrants). Governor (Moonbeam) Jerry Brown is still stuck in the 1970's, knowing only how to increase taxes and the size of government. Air pollution, urban sprawl and gang violence are all out of control. We said, "Enough!" and relocated to Idaho, and have never had any cause to regret our decision. Idaho has a much smaller, less intrusive state government, along with with modest, reasonable taxes. And the violent crime rate is miniscule compared to CA. I'm almost afraid to post this review, on the chance that it might bring more disgruntled Californians up here to Idaho, and ruin a wonderful place to live.
Philo | Fresno, CA
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Make room for one more up there. California is being destroyed by the idiots in Sacramento and No Cal in general.
Andrew | San Juan Capistrano, CA | Report Abuse

Thank you for your bluntness. I'm so fed up with California for that exact same reason and ID seems so beautiful. What part of Idaho did you migrate to? My only concern is the snow.
LISA | Rancho Calaveras, CA | Report Abuse

To the ones of you that have concerns about others moving to where you live, or where you are moving to. "Anywhere" we live or move to live, "NON" of this land anywhere belongs to "any" of us, whether you purchased it or not, especially if it was passed down to you from your ancestors, regardless of how much we claim it. This land belonged to someone else before "any", (as we call ourselves Americans, with "so" much love for one another, as they say), of us reached this land to claim it as ours. Do your research, go "way", "way" back and study your history. Respect to all that apply
Ruby | Fayetteville, NC | Report Abuse

And have you been welcomed as a Californian?
Lori | Fremont, CA | Report Abuse

My neighbor here in E. Washington state is from California. When I first met him and I asked him where he was from, he told me he was supposed to tell me he was from Nevada! Very funny! Washington is getting too much like California, as seems is true for Oregon also.....all control is from the west side and so so liberal. I heard that Idaho is growing at a faster rate than any other state in the lower 48. I'd like to move to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or other Rocky Mountain state. I am trying to get away from people, but the world is getting so crowded, I may have to move to N. Alaska.....and even that may not be good enough. I've been over most of N. Idaho, as I used to live in Pullman, WA and have gone on a lot of Idaho fishing/camping trips. Each time I go now, it seems as if even Idaho is getting all paved over.
Fred | Kettle Falls, WA | Report Abuse

We are thinking of retiring in Idaho after living in CA (Silicon Valley) for thirty years. Retirement in CA is not possible on our budget. Taxes are getting insane and the illegals are coming in and bringing the criminal element. People seem to be okay with that. Not us. I have a cousin who lives in Idaho and loves it. So it's a thought.
Pamala | Tracy, CA | Report Abuse

Idaho born and raised we really are not happy with Californians moving here because you all bring your city culture with you. Don't expect a warm welcoming and don't think all the other disgruntled Californians haven't already made it here along with all the others such as illegal immigrants. They are already here and have been since about 1993. Your are almost 3 decades too late.
Lacey | Hailey, ID | Report Abuse
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