Review of Brunswick, Maine

Not (entirely) The Way Life Should Be
Star Rating - 1/5/2020
I've lived in Brunswick or the neighboring town of Topsham for the majority of my almost 30 years of residence here. Pros? The people are mostly very friendly. The schools in Brunswick are very good, with a low student:teacher ratio compared to most other areas. The town itself is very pretty, and public areas are well-maintained. The police/fire/EMS are the best I've ever lived near, and I've lived in three other states besides here. Downsides? COST. Lack of public transportation that in any way is flexible for ALL areas of town. Lack of affordable housing in general. Politics aren't "somewhat" liberal, they are BLUE. This town is one that will invite "asylees" and "refugees" to live here at public expense while the homeless shelter in town is filled to capacity almost every night of the year. The wait lists for public housing are as long as 3 years+. Healthcare access and availability is generally good, but there are only so many options in the area, and only one hospital. The quality of life can be excellent here, with a good environment,relatively low crime, and a variety of social and retail options in the entire downtown district. Overall, I love it--but being a disabled person having to live "on the economy", I am not sure I'll be able to remain here.
PATRICIA | Brunswick, ME
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