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Hot and Cool!
Star Rating - 6/2/2011
I lived in mount olive 1975-90, Just a few weather comments, The Summers are terribly hot and and AC is mandatory. Typically Summer night run from the upper 60's to mid 70's daytime temps are typically from 85 to 95 sometimes much hotter in the low 100's and the summer is quite long. Autumn are just wonderful, except for occasion tropical storms and hurricanes along the coast, Pleasant but warm temps start in late September and last threw November, sometimes into December. Snowfall can be highly variable in the area and some years not much more than a dusting or so might occur and other years, such as the 1979-80 winter 22" of snow fell. The average snowfall is said to be 4-5" and that is about correct. Snow usually occurs from late December threw early march, however I had seen it heavy snow there from early Dec to late March, and lite or flurries from late November to late April. Spring it typically short and starts in march and it's good and hot by the end of May. First frost usually occurs late in October or early November and last threw late March or early April. Extremely cold weather does happen, but usually continuous sub freezing temps only last 1-3 days at most, but long periods of cold weather can occurs say a week or so at a time, winters are always dotted with several days each month in the 60's and 70's. Overall, It's long Hot summers and cool to cold Winters, A long pleasant fall and a kinda short variable spring.
Mikayla | Fletcher, NC
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- 10/28/2009
Don't even come here
I don't like it at all this town is so lame. The only thing that is open 24 is the walmart...
Carter | Goldsboro, NC | No Replies

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