Review of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

mediocre quality of life
Star Rating - 6/14/2010
very forgetable
ron | Oconomowoc, WI
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- 11/8/2011
Oconomowoc - Life Comes Naturally Here!
Oconomowoc is a great place to live and raise a family. The community is strategically lo...
Bob | Oconomowoc, WI | No Replies

- 6/13/2010
If I have to live in WI, I wouldn't want to live a
True, winters are TOO LONG in WI, but since I have to live in this state, Oconomowoc (Lake...
Eileen | Oconomowoc, WI | No Replies

- 9/10/2009
Lots of lakes to fish and boat. Beautiful place....
Abdiel | Oconomowoc, WI | No Replies

- 8/18/2009
Newport of the West
Oconomowoc, “The City of Lakes,” was settled in the 1800s, the city today is a mix of smal...
Bp | Oconomowoc, WI | No Replies

- 6/10/2008
Cold, long winters. Hot, humid summers
South Eastern Wisconsin has very long, cold winters and short, hot and humid summers....
Heidi | Oconomowoc, WI | No Replies

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