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Review of Boulder, Colorado

Yeah yeah
Star Rating - 7/29/2016
A lot of truths and a lot of misconceptions from what I've read so far.
I came to Boulder two years ago from SW Florida.
Here are my pro's and cons:


- Literally the safest city I've ever lived in. I can walk, bike, or drive in any part of town without a second guess
- Fantastic place to raise a family (if you can!)
- Great coffee shops
- Accessibility to nature is beyond all others
- Around 35 min to nearest ski lift, 1-2 hours and you'll be at many more!
- Everyone's down to hike or do something fun and active
- Great activities to do for a college kid
- Mostly friendly people
- Pearl st. and the shopping is great


- The traffic, although not Miami or LA, sucks! It's a smaller area with lots of traffic
- Somewhat pretentious vibe
- No cultural/racial diversity, which makes for a boring ass place at times
- Although you can hike anywhere, peace and quiet on the trail is hard to find, even on the snowiest day of the year there's still a huge amount of people 'dominating' the trail
- Everything is very expensive
- The most high demand housing market i've ever experienced; when I came here to look for a room to rent I literally had to ward off 10 other people with a stick and write a check on spot to secure the ROOM. The demand here is too high and more and more tech employees are flooding the streets daily (nothing against you hehe)
- Subpar bar and music scene, but you have other options (Denver, red rocks, etc)
- Entitled young rich yuppies

My two biggest issues with Boulder are:

1) The housing market is insane. It's way overpriced and you practically need to give someone a handjob just to get the place (thankfully i've never had to resort!)


2) Although, by many it is considered a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, nobody just...chills here. People are primarily focused on the most extreme sports, and it's hard to simply walk on a hiking trail contemplating life's grand mysteries without some adrenaline junkie mountain biker or trail runner whizzing past you in nylon tights with fake logos all over them. Coming from beautiful spots on both coasts, I was slightly disturbed at the lack of true appreciation for nature. The trails in Boulder county are so beyond saturated that it's hard to enjoy oneself on some days, which is a real let down. The trails near Nederland are a little better, but most campsites in the summer are reserved several, several months in advance, and it can be crowded and hectic on the trails.

I don't dislike Boulder, but I definitely don't like it either!
I suggest a visit, and an extended one at that.

Nick | Lafayette, CO
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Funny; I live in SW Florida and was considering Boulder. Thank you for your honest opinion of the area. We are looking to escape the heat and humidity as well as the horrendous snowbird season that descends upon us every winter.
XXXXSPACECADETXXXX | North Port, FL | Report Abuse

I am from Miami but have lived years in the Swiss Alps and Andes. I was looking for a good place for hiking and family fun. I also lived 6 months in Colorado Springs and it was very nice. I was looking for something like Luzern, Switzerland, but this does not sound like it. Thanks for the advice. Definitely need to visit for a month or so to get a feeling for it.
Nina | Pasadena, CA | Report Abuse

Thank you for your perceptions and observations of the town. I live in the beautiful North Carolina Mountains and was looking at Boulder--I have a sister who recently move to CO so I was like, hm..maybe I should take a look. I think not! ---Rebecca, North Carolina
Rebecca | Fleetwood, NC | Report Abuse
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