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Good Family Town, less so for Retirement
Star Rating - 3/21/2019
Lived in KC metro over 40 years. It is quite spread out in terms of both geographical and lifestyle. Five main counties. Some have more crime than others. Multiple school systems and library systems. Numerous parks. Boulevards and fountains. Major sports. Incredible performing arts center for symphony, opera and ballet. Mass transportation is minimal. Cheap housing compared to other large cities. I am stunned by comments here about unfriendly people. As drivers, yes, they are some of the worst in the US (I have driven in all major US cities). There is no perfect place to live in the US when compare climate, things to do, the people, water availability/shortage, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, jobs, and, the cost of living.
Larry | Mission, KS
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People just want to find something to complain about. Just be Thankful of what we have in the United States of America. Many people, despite our politics, Covid-19 and other issues would love to live in this nation and make this their home. -Mr. A
A | Greensboro, NC | Report Abuse
- 9/30/2021
Moved and Come Back Twice
I was born and raised in the Kansas City area and have moved and come back twice. Kansas C...
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Kansas City is the Midwest’s best kept secret
KC has seriously grown over the last 20 years, specifically the downtown area. The city as...
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I have lived in Kansas City my entire life. I've also lived in other states. Yes, there ar...
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- 12/13/2019
Kansas City, MO is Horrible and Dirty
Kansas City is violent, lots of crime, criminals and people lack basic social graces. It s...
Natalie | Kansas City, MO | 5 Replies

- 7/22/2018
Extremely unfriendly.
The rest of the people are right- KC Missouri has some of the least friendly people I’ve e...
Amanda | Liberty, MO | 2 Replies

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