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Very Nice Retirement Area
Star Rating - 4/17/2009
We have lived here nine years. I would call "the village"
very boring but fairly scenic. The nine golf courses are gorgeous but I don't golf. The lakes are lovely and clean with no fish. There is almost NO traffic. It is Very quiet.
with lots of lovely deer in the fall and winter.
Besides July, August and September the climate, for me, is great. In those three months it is hot and humid. Forget sitting on the grass or even walking on the driveways; the chiggers will eat you alive just like in Texas. Be content with simply Looking at your yard.
We have a fabulous bridge club and building but I don't play bridge. No crime, we're gated. The houses range from nice to gorgeous and are very cheap (no million dollar homes)even if right on a lake. Nine gorgeous golf courses.
There are dozens of boats at the marina but that is where they stay parked. I know one lady who has a job; a waitress.
All the other ladies are mid-seventies and don't work. The restaurants in the village and in Hot Springs proper are generally poor so we don't go out to eat much. Our property taxes are $2200 a year and our house is 3300 sq ft on top of a hill with woods all around. It is rare to find anyone living in the village under fifty. Winters here are nice; two days of snow, a couple inches. Last winter we had no snow, just two ice storms. They were gone in a few days.
It is fifteen miles to Hot Springs (downtown)and it is quirky. Interesting. Boring. Traffic is fine.
Lots of obviously poor people , walking and looking dangerous. There is a small pocket of drug dealing downtown with car theft and violence, even against women, but you never hear of anyone getting arrested or murdered; just roughed up if the "items" are not paid for. You'll be fine if you do not go outdoors past dark downtown.
In summary, Hot Springs Village is gated, pretty, quiet, no traffic to speak of, lots of golf and bridge, great weather, lots of sunshine, 2% are school kids, very few places to eat, cheap everything, lovely lakes without fish and a wonderful set of 3 community swimming pools with lifeguards next to a golf course with a mountain view. And they have pizza and corn dogs!

Bp | Hot Springs Village, AR
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HSV seems to be a bad fit for Susan and has influenced her review. She doesn't play golf, cards, walk the trails, play tennis, swim.....and if she had fished in the lakes, she'd know there are plenty of fish. There are gardening clubs, dance clubs, every club in existence. I do enjoy sitting on my deck and watching the wildlife and looking at the unpolluted star-filled sky, but for my husband and myself, there is so much to do in HSV that we're busier in retirement than when we were working full time. There's nothing "boring" about living here. We're early 60's and almost everyone we know is in our age-group. Some PARTS of The City of Hot Springs are like most cities in the U.S. where I wouldn't venture after dark, but it's a charming town with many fine restaurants, art galleries, shops and the only National Park within a city in the U.S. I hope by now Susan has found a place to live that makes her happy.
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