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news=the north won
Star Rating - 12/21/2016
the level of hatred of Northerners was a surprise to us (you like our money though). The drivers here have no courtesy toward others on the road, refuse to signal and pull bizarre stunts while flying down ice covered roads at 70 mph. The amount of crashes reported on the news daily is hysterical. Love the weather though
bob | Raleigh, NC
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Northerners move south to escape the liberal garbage you created. Then you vote for the liberal politicies you ran from. We don't want your money. And you, as a northerner, have the nerve to use the word "courtesy". Comical!
Jeff | Cave Spring, VA | Report Abuse

I agreed with your entire comment until the end. I do not enjoy the weather in Raleigh. If someone is a weather buff and enjoys "weather," you will not find it here. The sun shines too frequently and will not offer any relief. I understand that some who are from up north or colder climates would appreciate a sunny place with warm temperatures year-round, but in Raleigh, there is no fall or winter. You virtually have a year-round spring and summer with a blaring sun every day. Not to mention that the summers are sweltering hot with a high level of humidity.
Matthew | Raleigh, NC | Report Abuse
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