Review of Lake Norman of Catawba, North Carolina

Spectacular way of life
Star Rating - 1/27/2010
I've lived in this zip, 28682, for a year. I came from the western US so NC is new to me. I love NC but more so, I can't even comprehend how anything can be better than this little town/neighborhood, Terrell.
There are less than 1000 people in the zip code yet I'm a couple miles from all the big box stores and major medical facilities.
But most of all, of the 1000 living in this zip, I bet most of us live on the water or within view of Lake Norman. No need to walk to another street or such, most of the zip sits on a peninsula with Lake Norman on both sides.
Now for southern hospitality...WOW. It's so great in all of NC but here on the peninsula, just spectacular! A wave of a hand for each person you pass. Neighbors are unbelievable.
Speaking of neighbors....the whole Lake Norman family of homes and watersports makes living here thrilling. Just watching the excitement in everyone's lives, from teenagers to the senior citizens. I have a neighbor who is past 90 and this is the couple's 'weekend' home, which they come to each and every weekend. Everybody 'lives' a full life here and you feel it in the air. How nice to see four elderly men take their morning walk at daybreak, or see a young woman and her dog jogging each night, or look out and see a bass boat with a lone fisherman sitting close to your cove, or watch the huge luxury liner pass at night, all lit up, hearing music far in the distance.
How does a middle-age woman from Las Vegas move to a tiny town with no streetlights and be in heaven?
I guess it can be wrapped up by repeating what so many guests say when they visit me, "This is like resort living, each day of the year."
My only negative... utilites, mainly Internet access, is limited to one company. Being so small and out on this peninsula, companies don't want to put out the expense to run equipment out here.
Oh well, I'll take a stinky utility company in trade for an otherwise 99% perfect lifestyle.
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