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Avoid West Virginia !
Star Rating - 10/25/2014
Fact West Virginia
Among the states with highest illiteracy rates in USA
Among the state with the highest teen pregnancies in USA among unwed mothers
Among the states with highest rates of reported gonorrhea in USA

West Virginia is among the lowest rental rates and property values in USA for SUBSTANDARD HOUSING High taxes
Not unusual in 'good' neighborhoods to see farm equipment, sofas and junk in front yard, no deed restrictions, cables strung from telephone poles for television and internet service resemble spider webs in most areas The overall impression is of a decaying lower class island decades behind the rest of the country, downtown streets in state capitol are so void of people footsteps echo during the daytime
No cultural opportunities, Mountain Stages is the only broadcast from state, there is a pathetic display in State Capitol Building
No intellectual opportunities, state colleges have poor national academic ratings
Chemical and Coal Corporations contribute to the numerous cancer clusters near state capitol and terrible air quality in city of South Charleston, water crisis in 2014 featured in newspapers around the world.
Poor infrastructure maintenance, mountainous communities, state capitol frequent power outages
The interlocutory system of corruption mimics a cartel state
Same law firm has retainer to represent City Police, 911 emergency call center, the county prosecutor, the major local hospital, the coal and chemical corporations, several state agencies. If you are a victim of a crime on premises of any of the above, forget about legal representation. Legal Aid in WV cannot represent actions against law enforecment, hospital, corporation or landlord tenant relations.
Senator Rockefeller and family own shares in both major state capitol daily newspapers, The Mail and Gazette.
Two governors have gone to prison, today one has a daughter running for national office,more than one convict in the family, Crime in the family.
Gangs are entrenched and develop partially from limited social exposure, state capitol has two high public high schools. Students cooperate with one another to the point they place no value on independent thought or individuality, the insular social structure enforces gritty, industrial slum behavior and culture.
Xenophobia is part of the culture.
Women marry younger in WVa, very few opportuniites for women in WV outside the legal, medical and educational professions.
Gangs in West Virginia are violent
kathryn | Alexandria, VA
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Hilarious, Thank you for this candid review and I hope you have a better day as I can tell some deep issues. My only advise. Move to Atlanta Georgia. Much better for you there. God bless you
Allen | Chesterfield, MO | Report Abuse

The person who wrote this is delusional as the "facts" they present are untrue opinions. To Kathryn who wrote this, I'm sorry Alexandria is not nearly as nice as living in WV. I've been to Alexandria and trust me, your city has problems. I have lived in WV for 34 years, have a college degree, a good salary job and after traveling the world, would never call any place home except for WV. WV is used to getting a bad rap from people like this author but I advise you, don't believe her words until you visit yourself. The mention of gangs makes me laugh...I have never seen or heard of a gang in WV in all of my life. I live in a downtown area and feel completely safe leaving my house and car doors unlocked. This state is full of great friendly people, arts, culture, class, and beauty. I'm sorry Kathryn from Alexandria, but you're way off and I'm sorry you're so unhappy in your own life you have to try to take it out on your neighboring state. Best of luck to you.
Matt | Elkins, WV | Report Abuse

Wv just straight up sucks , Nothing to do , No jobs unless you want to work in fast food , cant find a decent place to live at a decent price , rent is more than my income , abandoned homes every were , Drugs every were Shootings And Stabbings almost every night , Alot of homeless people , Mostly cause rent is so high i would stay as far away from WV as i could
Michael | St. Albans, WV | Report Abuse
- 2/23/2016
I want to lean things about my home town....
Matthew | Pineville, WV | No Replies

- 6/20/2015
Browsing DIFFERENT locations in US
great website will be referring it to friends an family&Ect....
Alice | Blacksburg, VA | No Replies

- 1/2/2015
Really Almost Heaven.
I have lived in the Eastern Panhandle area of WV for a little less than 3 years and I fell...
Rebecca | Ogden, UT | 1 Reply

- 8/27/2012
WV is refreshingly tranquil, and close to hip & ha
Cities rich with art & culture in WV are Shepherdstown, Berkeley Springs, Huntington, Cha...
Linzi | New Cumberland, WV | 1 Reply

- 8/7/2012
Montani Semper
Abhd | Los Gatos, CA | No Replies

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