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Worst experience ever
Star Rating - 6/17/2018
I have lived in 10+ different cities throughout my life (London, SF, NYC, Chicago etc) and move to Raleigh for a work opportunity. Worst decision I have ever made. First of all, do not believe the media hype that Raleigh is a city on the rise. Raleigh is NOT, I repeat, not a city in any way. It is a giant suburb with zero infrastructure, population density, downtown development or metropolitan culture or energy. I have been here for a year so far and am counting down the weeks until I get to move back to a city never to look back at this place again. I find the people here incredibly basic, ignorant, close minded, conformist and uninteresting. The "city" itself has 4-5 supposedly upscale restaurant options where you see the same people as they rotate between the very limited choices in town. Everyone lives in incredibly gaudy macmanions on the outskirts of town and strives for a mind-numingly boring super suburban lifestyle. Most people who I have encountered here are nice enough, but have not traveled anywhere, don't bother picking up a book, and are completely out of tune with what is happening in the world. The weather in the winter is mild, which is a positive for those who do not like cold weather, however temps still drop to the 40's and with any rain or snow, the entire area freaks out and shuts down. Getting on the highway is a life hazard because of how terrible the drivers here are in even a light drizzle. In the summer, it is hot and humid to the point that even escaping to the beach a few hours away is a non starter. So you are trapped in town with all 3 blocks of downtown and nothing interesting to do. I would highly discourage anyone who is a city person from moving to this area. You will legitimately want to poke your eyes out of boredom and be appalled by the small-minded and conservative people you encounter here.
A | Raleigh, NC
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Thanks for visiting. Don't let the door hit ya!
Burt | Raleigh, NC

Aww did you follow your boyfriend here and then get dumped? Poor little baby :( Please go back to the big city with the rest of the loud-mouthed narcissistic crybabies. Raleigh was much nicer and calmer before all of you spoiled yankees started polluting it. There's a reason New York and New Jersey are sh**holes, and everyone wants to flee. All they do is bring the shi**iness down here.
Jim | Raleigh, NC

Typical Liberal, Brexit snob...
Michael | Southern Pines, NC

I agree with everything except you don't need to bring politics into this. I'm a conservative who is bored out of my mind in Raleigh. Nothing to do with my leanings. There is just very little to do and it's not centralized in the least. Also it lacks character, imagination and energy. It's even apparent in the awful architecture. But please don't blame it on conservatives.
B | Wake Forest, NC

Raleigh is not that bad,i used live there in 2006-2009 ,I was comfortable there
Soner | Royal Palm Beach, FL
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