Review of Pittsford, Michigan

Oil Fields.
Star Rating - 3/16/2010
My husband lost most of his eye sight and had to take a early retirement. We decided that we would look for a house near Hillsdale to keep our children the same school they were going too. We lost our other house because of his eye sight deteriorating. We saved enough money for a small down payment. We found a house in Pittsford . Small town but the buses would come from Hillsdale to pick them up. We loved Hillsdale . Nice down to earth city.We contacted the Realtor on the sign in which she told us that she goes to the same church as us and met with her.The house was a mess.Needed a lot of work but it was big enough for us. We were reading the papers and noticed that it had no mineral rights.We asked why. She said that they were going to keep them. We noticed that a oil rig was put in on the next road. Not close enough to affect us. We asked if they were keeping the mineral for that reason. She said no. We then told her that we would not be interested in the house if there was going to be one near us. She then turned over the paper which had a plot map on it and told us that they can not put one in .That it takes 40 acres for each oil sight and there was not one near us.We didn't have the money to pay a attorney to read our paper work.We bought the house and 3 oil rigs have been put in with in a half mile from us.We get to hear the sound of the torches lit all night. Sounds like a blow torch . We get to see the sky lit up all night from the flame and smell the oil which smells like cured oil. We thought we had been through enough already to find out it was starting all over again.My advice to any one. Do not do anything without a attorney and don't trust a Realtor even if she tells you she goes to the same church.We now have to hire a attorney to get us out of this. We have stuck all our money into the house and don't know how we are going to do this. We also found out from the Farmer that it has no septic field . Should of not been sold for this reason.Welcome to Pittsford
Laura | Pittsford, MI
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