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A Special Place to live 2.5 years in...
Star Rating - 7/6/2018
I have lived in 5 states and many towns and cities and Eugene is my favorite by far. Yes it is very progressive, but not to the point where you probably would be uncomfortable if you are conservative. But if you are progressive or liberal, you will feel like you have come home. People may challenge your views, but in a polite and well-informed way. I noticed a difference in the kids here. They seem genuinely happy and free to express their happy silly selves in public. This does not turn heads as there is an air of personal freedom here. Any 18 year old can buy marijuanna here so if you have a medical condition and it is illegal where you live, come for a visit here and give it a go to see if it will help you. People are polite and friendly and are not agressive drivers, but as in other places I have lived, the more expensive the neighborhood, the less likely you will know your neighbors. I love that there is a thick booklet that tells you all about the farms, CSA’s, organic grocery stores and farmers markets and restaurants that serve local produce. It’s easy to eat clean organic local food here. There is a thriving live music scene here although I am too old to know who these bands are, sadly. The long damp winters means moss and mold grows on any horizontal surface which means a green roof if you dont treat it. But so far, I find the weather quite lovely. So far, no problems from the damp winters other than not wanting to walk the dog. All of the seasons are mild. The 4th of July was down right chilly this year.
Dorothy | Eugene, OR
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- 12/28/2019
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Resident from October 2018-present
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I've never felt so unsafe!
There are so many homeless people here... At first I had sympathy but after all the robber...
Stephanie | Eugene, OR | 2 Replies

- 10/12/2019
Terrible. College town of dimwits.
TERRIBLE! This is the worst town I have ever been unfortunate enough to wind up in. Expens...
Bill | Eugene, OR | 2 Replies

- 8/27/2019
Trash town
Nice if you're a drug addict criminal. But if you re an innocent person with career goals ...
Joe | Eugene, OR | 1 Reply

- 8/26/2019
Dont move here, trust me. Not a single good thing to say. the trees and nature are nice bu...
Joe | Eugene, OR | No Replies

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