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Star Rating - 10/29/2011
I moved to the desert a year ago from New Mexico, it is a total change. The people here are different and I have noticed that alot of kids in my neighborhood dont have alot of guidance. I try to be as supportive as I can with them and my son as well. I always hear the "ghetto copter" every noght and hear police sirens not sure if it is a great place to raise a family. Thinking of moving to the mountains. But I've heard it's better than Victorville. In my opinion if you can afford it move to the mountains or elsewhere.
tasha | Hesperia, CA
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The "ghetto copter" could actually be life flight that takes off and lands 24/7 from Hesperia Airport, small airport west of town that flies to and from the 3 hospitals up here that cross all areas of the city, and any other places around town they may need to land and transport for emergencies, just saying.
Michelle | Highland, CA | Report Abuse
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