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What happened to Asheville?
Star Rating - 7/3/2021
Asheville has changed dramatically over the pass twenty years . At one time downtown and the charming family friendly neighborhoods within, reminded me of The Waltons now it resembles The Lord of the Flys. Asheville according to recent FBI stats is now in the Top 10% of the Most Violence City’s in America . Too make matters worse 1/3 of the police force has quite due to lack of local support. Getting voice mail when reporting a crime is not what you want, but Asheville is almost there. It’s a shame that a few vocal carpetbaggers can move into the area displace the locals and through the ballot box destroy a city . Natural beautiful, Southern charm, safety and history have been replaced by crime, homeless encampments, panhandlers, gunfire, high taxes and filth …

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Unfortunately, these events are happening all over the U.S. Drive by shootings have taken over almost everywhere like a cancer on the land. Voting? Ha ha! That's already been proven to be corrupt. I refuse to vote again in a system that's corrupt. When things get too bad, I can immigrate to a better country. That's my vote!
Richard | Sterling Heights, MI | Report Abuse

Basically? We became a tourist attraction. Like all tourist attraction towns, our leaders and land owners became more interested in drawing more tourists and building more expensive places for them to stay the weekend, than they are with making sure locals have enough affordable housing (or at least making employers pay enough to be able to afford LIVING in the same town you work in) to continue living the quaint, comfortable "Mayberry/Waltons" lifestyle we used to be able to enjoy.
Van | Brevard, NC | Report Abuse
- 8/14/2022
Once a good city, now a place one should avoid.
Lived around this city my entire life, and have spent countless hours in every part of it-...
Matt | Canton, NC | 1 Reply

- 6/19/2021
Not what is appears to be
This city is very deceiving. Small but if you look close you see big liberal city problems...
Jeff | Socastee, SC | 2 Replies

- 1/2/2020
For such a small town it seemed unsafe
I recently visited some friends in Asheville, I was there for a week. It is a beautiful ar...
Thomisan | Alexandria, VA | 5 Replies

- 9/25/2019
Many outsiders have changed this town.
Asheville used to be a great place until the mass exodus of Floridians and Californians ca...
Katie | Ferry Pass, FL | 7 Replies

- 9/22/2019
Check It Out-Asheville has something for Everyone!
Asheville and the greater metro area which includes the six county area around it is a tru...
Peter | Palmetto Bay, FL | No Replies

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