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Star Rating - 12/18/2016
Bakersfield has the dirtiest air in the state or US i cant remember. My car is covered with a black soot all the time, have to wash it a lot. Allergies are bad here to, the air, the not so many trees, in a valley, so maybe. Cheaper housing but you get cheap, I mean cheap not so nice housing for your money. The summer is so hot, 110F. Cost is for me is $300 a month and thats with a CARE discount, what a rip off. This is for 4 months or more. CA is to expensive, gas prices at 2.50, dmv for a newer car 200, insurance for car 1000 a year, house tax a year 1200 for a older home, food is high, eating out is 7-10 for lunch more for dinner. I have to move to get away from these costs. Plus Bakersfield has nothing of its own to do you have to drive at least 1 hour out and more to other places in CA traffic, forget it.
carol | Oildale, CA
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- 11/19/2018
Beware of the Lords of Bakersfield
I've been in this area almost 50 years. I have encountered two classes of people here: th...
porg | Bakersfield, CA | No Replies

- 6/22/2017
Moved in 1997
My husband and I both grew up in Bakersfield and married after High School (attended South...
Laura | Conway, AR | No Replies

- 12/30/2015
Can't wait to leave..
For basis of comparison I lived in: San Francisco, CA Oakland, CA Walnut Creek, CA Mor...
John | Bakersfield, CA | 1 Reply

- 12/13/2015
Background: I lived in the Bay Area for the majority of my life and Los Angeles for 4 year...
Mike | Beverly Hills, CA | No Replies

- 9/20/2015
I like the comparisons its very informational....
Amy | Bakersfield, CA | No Replies

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