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A comfortable, safe place to raise children.
Star Rating - 8/20/2012
In my 18 years here, Twin Falls has grown steadily, but all the schools, box stores, grocery stores are still within a 10-15 minute drive of each other. Traffic is a breeze compared to other areas. There are now two comparable high schools, Canyon Ridge having just opened in the last several years. You can still get real estate bargains and there is a full range of home prices in the area. Retirees from other states still seem to move here, although not as much as they have in years past.

The public school system here is adequate, but your child must be motivated to excel to be able to get into strong higher education institutions out of state. High school kids can take AP classes and classes for credit through the local community college.

The crime rate was changing just as I moved here due to the omnipresence of meth, which was relatively late getting here. Residents began to lock vehicles and homes, a new practice, and like everywhere else, it is smart to be vigilant. However, this is still a fairly safe community.

There is a moderately strong Mormon presence here which is great for young children of any culture growing up here. However, at about middle school the Mormon children become more involved in their church activities and non-Mormon children often miss them.

If you already have a graduate degree, you will be bored here and if you are not raising children, you may be bored here. This is a serene, agricultural area with amazing views of the Snake River Canyon. You must travel to Boise or Salt Lake City to get to a major airport, to purchase higher end vehicles, to see higher quality levels of entertainment such as a symphony or a Shakespeare production or a musical.
Bp | Twin Falls, ID
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