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Star Rating - 2/9/2009
I am a 8 year bolingbrook resident. Since I'm not a couch potato, I feel qualified to give a more accurate run down of the good and the not so good that EVERY town has.

I also have a map of my town; and have explored every part of it.
there is GOOD acreage of 1,200 + offorest preserve here, on the west and northern borders. Both areas have lakes and rivers bordering or within. There is still farmland in Bolingbrook; about 3,000 acres left as of late is on the west side. they have a high-class, marquis quality mall on the east side that rivals well known places such as Oak Brook or parts of state street in Chicago. You can catch a trout from a stocked pond with your kid in the morning, and 5 minutes later be going down a 100 foot corkscrew at the city's own water park that it built for the residents. The bolingbrook Park district consistently wins national awards for its planning....year after year. The actual parks/playgrounds them selves are too numerous to mention.

Two major highways into work are accessible at 4 locations in bolingbrook. The east side is pre 1980, and the "new" west side is post 2000. You can buy a $100,000 dump townhouse and live with homies. There is certainly a more run-down part of town, and there are a couple of apartment complexes, too.

If that makes you quake in your silk underwear, you can quickly go across town and spend $800K and have a 2 acre lot. Your kids will go to Plainfield schools, which have been in the top 10% of scores nationally for 11 years. We are often compared and battle against this with the well known neighbor tot the north...........Naperville. And just like the joneses over there, we also have some hoy-falloy subdivisions....ont that give you a one-acre with access to your private plane that backs up to a small city airport)

I suggest that people who comment in either extreme really don't know thier town too well. Bolingbrook is variety. There are gangs, mis-directed youth, and they just can't seem to find the towns "always open" rec center.......and there are classical violin groups for kids to participate in, too. Just gotta do a little research and drive around from time to time!

Ken | Bolingbrook, IL
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Great place to Live and Enjoy family/Raise Kids
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what part of Bolingbrook do you live in? I have also lived here my whole life & personally...
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