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Lubbock, Texas Not so Safe!
Star Rating - 6/25/2015
Sad to learn how dangerous this West Texas town has become. Completely, over taken with Down trodden people who have little. Burglaries happen hourly at a ridiculous rate committed mostly by druggies. Crime on the street throughout this town is increasingly rapid. Constant sirens from police to ambulance drivers racing to countless victims of this heartless community of ppl. Without the university this town would go up in flames! The university brings money and for the most part decent people to town. When locals are asked if this is a safe town they say yes, it is probably safer here than other places. When statistics and rankings are quoted their surprised? Statewide lubbock ranks top of the most dangerous cities in Texas beating Houston and Dallas. Parents looking at TTU need to become aware of the risks. This is the only place I have ever lived that has permanent signs throughout the city for hiring police officers. Groceries are higher than other places in Texas. Only one Walmart out of four is safe to shop. Homeless ppl approach you and panhandle store parking lots and all around the university. Drinking and drugs are done on top of roofs in neighborhoods. This is acceptable behavior and just apart of the landscape in lubbock neighborhoods. Many section eight and gov subsidized places to live. After the lubbock Ghetto district was torn down ppl were moves into neighborhoods where they have caused crime to rise and home values to drop. Making local neighborhoods a mixture of elderly, college kids, low income, and gang activity. Ppl say tearing down the Overton street Ghetto ruined their neighborhood because of the displacement of drug houses, gangs, and ppl who commit burglaries now live next door. Gov subsidized housing is mixed throughout all neighborhoods. Everyone living in lubbock has been a victim of some crime. It is very sad and under reported. Ppl outside of lubbock generally consider the area rural and safe. I was one of those ppl and I have bought a home in lubbock only to learn the facts a lil too late. Shame on me for not investigating the crime and talking to folks sooner about this town. My hope is that someone will clean up this town very soon. Good luck and please do your homework before buying in any town anywhere no matter how rural or small town it seems.
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Update: Crime is on the rise, lots of shootings lately. But pretty much as long as you're cautious you can keep out of trouble. Keep your eyes peeled and your guard up if you're on the north/eastern side of town. Southern/west side of town is pretty safe, mostly property crime in those areas. Just keep your valuables stowed away and don't flaunt your wealth. Be smart and you stay safe. Not too hard.
K | Lubbock, TX | Report Abuse
- 1/20/2016
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Pretty good all around climate. The wind and dust gets tiresome....
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