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Please reconsider moving to Houston if you enjoy l
Star Rating - 10/4/2019
I have lived in Houston since 2004 and I hate everything about it....the weather, the traffic, the people, the food, the culture, the scenery....all of it. This is hell on earth!! The bugs are big and disgusting, there are venomous snakes EVERYWHERE, the mosquitos are in masses and relentless, it rains all the time, the people are serious alcoholics that worship sports and eat anything that moves. They are rude and mean and I seriously dont think they have ever heard of southern hospitality. Of course there a select very few that are not like this but I can almost bet they are from up north. I've always been a country gal at heart and I am so disappointed in Houston. I love being outdoors but, if the weather is actually nice for once, then the bugs or snakes will getcha!! Government officials and law enforcement people are just MEAN, dishonest, crooked and they LOVE to play judge and jury... you are definitely guilty until proven innocent. They are money hungry and will give their Mother a ticket if it means they win the monthly raffle to get a free vacation or their name in pot to get transferred to the Harris County department. There are Hurricanes and floods every year and Houston is a sink hole....there are even water level signs on every highway in downtown. There is nothing for the children to do from all ages except one rec center that costs too much and should have a lot more to do there. You have to drive at least 40 min to eat at a decent restaurant or go shopping and all the things to do in downtown require fighting 4-5 lane traffic and finding a way overpriced parking space just to walk forever. I am looking forward to moving and will not miss one thing about this place except the few good people I've met while here. Dont move really is a terrible place to live.
Diane | Angleton, TX
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Not sure exactly WHERE you live in the bottom of a flooded ditch??? Been in Houston forever and the only things that are true....YES winters here are RAINY, not snowy blizzards ice storms... our WINTERS are “rain” and yes we have monstrous mosquitoes.....we also have something called OFF....use it!!!!! Anyway, if you’re from the cesspool called Angleton as your profile shows ......your review is QUITE AMUSING!!!!!! ADIOS, Houston will NOT miss you!!!!!
Rich | Galveston, TX
- 6/19/2007
Don't count on help
If you have a special needs child, especially one who is emotionally disturbed, don't coun...
dora | Angleton, TX | 1 Reply

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