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Winter is too long
Star Rating - 3/24/2014
We love where we live in Upstate New York. It offers everything but pleasant climate, namely the winter here is too long. It gets cold virtually from October till May. Global warming will be a disaster for the earth but may be a good thing for Upstate New York.
dawn | East Greenbush, NY
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If you don’t like the climate then you shouldn’t live here, I’m nearly 40, and have lived in Upstate New York my whole life and we’ve had this kind of weather in New York State since long before I was born, if you want warm, try California or Florida, New York State has nearly always had bitter cold winters that very often lasts from mid or late October to about mid March or early April, just like the rest of the Northeastern United States, if you’re not used to similar weather, then there’s no point to live anywhere from Pennsylvania & New Jersey to Massachusetts & Maine, and complaining about the weather isn’t going to change it.
T | Albany, NY
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