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Albany, NY

re: Quality of Life
- 4/13/2018
Quiet, laughable, economical?, maybe if you enjoy walking everywhere, and safe?, not according to the record numbers of pedestrians who die each year because of distracted, and overall careless drivers(especially those ignoring traffic lights & signs), not to mention the home burglaries that take place in broad daylight.

Albany, NY

re: Best times in Albany
- 4/13/2018
Albany has one of the worst obesity and diabetes rates in New York State, and is a cultural nightmare, if you enjoy rampant racism, homophobia, feeling superior to anyone who isn’t Christian or Catholic, and discrimination as a whole, especially on religious grounds, and a history of drug violence and trafficking, then, yes, you will find Albany a culture rich area that you’ll be proud to call home, now if you’re a decent person, you’ll find Albany to be extremely lacking of any positive cultural influences

Albany, NY

re: Horrible Weather Year Round
- 4/13/2018
As far as the weather, you just described the entire Northeastern region of the United States from Philadelphia to New York City, Montreal, Boston, and Northern Maine, and has pretty much kept the same basic pattern for well beyond the last 40 years. I agree that Property taxes are horrendous, but overall cost of living is about as awful as 100 year old expired milk, if you don’t have a Job/Career with a starting pay of at least 80k/yr and have to pay rent and required utilities separately then you may want to get your bus pass and sign up for Uber or Lyft, and start filing for welfare now, and may any diety you believe in help you, if you also have to pay separately for water and/or garbage pickup, and should you have your own vehicle, you might want to pray that you’ll win the lottery.
Crime in Albany, especially in most of the slightly nicer to even more rich/fancy neighborhoods ranges from Home robberies in broad daylight all the way to hit and runs, domestic violence, major drug trafficking and murder, with all being more per capita than New York City over the past few decades. If you’re looking for a job outside of the city or state government, or have a business or engineering degree then you’ll find a job quite easy, but if you’re like most Americans, and couldn’t afford a high end college, then you’re odds of finding a job that starts above minimum wage, is about the same as finding a politician that doesn’t place their personal ideals over those of the people they represent.

Albany, NY

re: Winter is too long
- 4/13/2018
If you don’t like the climate then you shouldn’t live here, I’m nearly 40, and have lived in Upstate New York my whole life and we’ve had this kind of weather in New York State since long before I was born, if you want warm, try California or Florida, New York State has nearly always had bitter cold winters that very often lasts from mid or late October to about mid March or early April, just like the rest of the Northeastern United States, if you’re not used to similar weather, then there’s no point to live anywhere from Pennsylvania & New Jersey to Massachusetts & Maine, and complaining about the weather isn’t going to change it.

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