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Arkansas is fattening
Star Rating - 3/27/2018
I have been gone from Arkansas for quite a few years now. I lived there for several years, years ago. Prior to moving there, my weight was slightly above a healthy range. While there, it increased by 35 pounds. It is now back to where it was prior to moving there. Arkansas has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. The people I am around now are into fitness, healthy eating, bicycles, hiking, etc. Very few of the restaurants here feature deep fried foods. Being around healthy people and healthy influences tends to make you do the things they do to stay healthy. When you drive around and see giant fitness centers all over the place, and most of the people you associate with have a healthy weight, it naturally tends to influence the way you behave, eat, exercise, etc.
Bill | Seattle, WA
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Seattle has a lot of fatties too. I mean a lot. It's all relative. Miami nightlife on Friday compare the girls bodies going out. Seattle females are not necessarily carrying 60 extra pounds of mass but they are carrying 20. The PNW is no picnic for single men. The women are an abomination. Maybe worse than San Fran and Portland and that's saying something. Don't get me started on the lack of makeup and ridiculous multiple piercing tattoos and strange green and orange hair coloring choices
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

it is each individuals responsibility to maintain proper Diet & exercise- Stop blaming a place for your failures.
macel | Gainesville, MO | Report Abuse

These comments are a little weird. Self discipline and having an active lifestyle is what keeps you from getting fat. There are TONS of trails in NW Arkansas. Plenty of hiking and mountain biking you could do to stay fit. How about kayaking on the rivers and lakes? Good food is good food.... I get that. Restaurants are there to provide good food which is not healthy most of the time. Cook for yourself and have a cheat day. Counting macros and making sure you are in a caloric deficit is how you lose weight. Seems like it is a silly argument against the city because you don't have discipline. Not sure how it is for the singles looking to date. I am married and visit often (in the process of house shopping down there). Females look pretty normal to me. Some are attractive and others are not. I think the difference may be the size of the pool. Not the biggest city so less to choose from. Good ones get snagged fast. Welcome to life I guess.
Forrest | Grain Valley, MO | Report Abuse

Agree with Bill 100% here. Arkansas is the fattest state in 2019, though people here ignore that and still eat fat foods to be fatter. If you're single, fit, don't live here, there's a few "normal" or "hot" women but they are all seeing 5 to 20 guys, it's impossible to meet someone here unless you're open to BBW or borderline BBW. Being thin is considered a commodity here, women. Surprisingly, men in Arkansas are less fat than women. And there's more men than women. So again, if you're single, fit, looking to date, this is one of the worst places, unless you're well known here, then you get all the ladies. @macel, I agree with you to a small extent. I don't believe Bill or anybody is blaming a place for "failure" (gaining weight) but certainly Arkansas legislature should realize ranked #1 in obesity is a problem, and should promote fitness. There's none of that what so ever. Everybody here is drowned in alcohol, Razorback football, Bikes Blues & BBQ, the lake, fishing, trucks. They don't give a damn about anything else. Great for some people, horrible for others. People who are considering to move here should get the full picture rather than the rosy picture they read in the rankings or magazine.
Some | Bentonville, AR | Report Abuse

how did you like it when you were there?
Nicholas | Hamburg, NY | Report Abuse
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