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Bad Neighborhood
Star Rating - 1/7/2007
Yes the crime in the neighborhood i live in is crazy i am looking for a safer place to live with my family

Michael | Jacksonville, FL
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- 4/11/2021
No place to raise children!
Lived in Jacksonville for 11 years! I hate each year and want to move but I can't! I am 80...
Bruce | Jacksonville, FL | No Replies

- 9/19/2020
Increased Crime, Murder and Robbery
I've been in the area for 8?? + years. However, with the murders of two women here in this...
Lina | Jacksonville, FL | No Replies

- 4/19/2006
A hidden part of Jacksonville
32210 has all I need. A close police station, various grocery stores, malls, good eating ...
Chappy | Jacksonville, FL | No Replies

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