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No place to raise children!
Star Rating - 4/11/2021
Lived in Jacksonville for 11 years! I hate each year and want to move but I can't! I am 80 years old and am very disabled. I only have one family member, my 20 years old son in school at UNF. He graduated from Ed White High School in 2019. He has spent 10 years in school in Duval County so far and is doing well.
Bruce | Jacksonville, FL
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- 9/19/2020
Increased Crime, Murder and Robbery
I've been in the area for 8?? + years. However, with the murders of two women here in this...
Lina | Jacksonville, FL | No Replies

- 1/7/2007
Bad Neighborhood
Yes the crime in the neighborhood i live in is crazy i am looking for a safer place to liv...
Michael | Jacksonville, FL | No Replies

- 4/19/2006
A hidden part of Jacksonville
32210 has all I need. A close police station, various grocery stores, malls, good eating ...
Chappy | Jacksonville, FL | No Replies

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