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Star Rating - 8/22/2019
Sadly, the reviews here about the dangerous police, dangerous crime, corruption of public officials, bad race relations, bottom of the barrel education, and absence of a culture that once existed eons ago are all true. It was a mess there when I lived in it 40 years ago, and recent visits have shown that in many respects it is worse now. The Quarter or Uptown are fun places, but you take your life in your hands in many areas. Great food, great music, nice place to visit for a week and leave.
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- 5/30/2021
Sorry new Orleans No life...
Kam | New Orleans, LA | No Replies

- 5/30/2021
New Orleans is Not for Civil people
The city of New Orleans is a hell pit. For starters it’s ranked as the Most Corrupt, One o...
Dontrell | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 9/24/2020
Most Friendly, Positive City I’ve Ever Lived In!
I’ve lived here for four years and plan to stay forever. What it lacks in infrastructure a...
Lindsay | New Orleans, LA | 5 Replies

- 12/21/2019
not bad
alright well, i dont know the city well, but here are some of my impressions. i had just c...
erick vallely | Miami, FL | No Replies

- 5/13/2019
Strange New Orleans
This city is really strange i mean really strange. If you ever come here to New Orleans, L...
marcus | Longview, WA | No Replies

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