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Review of Spokane, Washington

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Star Rating - 9/29/2019
Portland and Seattle had a baby and the baby is retarded. They named their baby Spokane.
Julia | Grants, NM
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This is not a review, and is honestly unhelpful in every way. The use of the word "retarded" is offensive.
Rob Creighton | Portland, OR | Report Abuse

Spokane is by far one of the worst excuses for a place to live that people with standards would find so disagreeable. Absolute lack of professional development. Absence of good policing and proper education. Violent and thuggish practices are the norm while remaining derelict about property crime and sexual abuse that occur on a daily basis. The Police Department does not listen to sexual abuse victims. What an absolutely retarded norm.
Zhdan | New York, NY | Report Abuse
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