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The Real Oakland
Star Rating - 7/25/2010
The real Oakland is not what the media portrays. It is a beautiful city.
The topography is awesome. Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the country...actually I believe it is second.

The crime factor is a reality. However the majority of it is in the flat lands; the neighborhoods of east and west Oakland.

The million dollar mansions in the Oakland hills are breath taking. Lake Merritt is a beautiful sanctuary to many rare birds and Jack London Square is a haven of culture, wonderful eateries and waterfront views.
This is a beautiful place.. but don't take my word for it - come visit!

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I totally agree with the review titled The Real Oakland. When I lived in San Francisco, everybody seemed to look down on Oakland as an ugly stepchild of the Bay Area. I reluctantly moved here in 1968, am still here 50 years later, and enjoying every minute. I have grown to love the melting pot that is Oakland -- many different cultures all blending into one great community. I rarely ever go to San Francisco anymore. We get all we need right here.
Jim | Oakland, CA | Send Message
- 8/8/2011
best place ived lived
january 24,2003 was when i arrived in oakland.i have fond memories there people were very ...
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- 11/21/2009
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nice breezes blow in off the bay in the summer - you don't even need air conditioning. an...
La | Oakland, CA | No Replies

- 10/5/2009
Dining and Culture in the East Bay
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Angela | Oakland, CA | No Replies

- 4/16/2009
Vibrant and diverse population
Been in the Bay Area the past 30 years but never knew Oakland. Then 2 years ago a housing...
crystal | Oakland, CA | 1 Reply

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