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Myrtle Beach Sucks (If you live here)
Star Rating - 2/18/2018
I lived here about 10 years and I am about over it. I strongly suggest you NOT move here, especially if you are a single gay man like me. For starters, there is zero culture here. Absolutely none. Trying to find anything to do culturally related outside of going to bars is "fruitless". You will find it is very very lonely here as a gay man. Most of any of the gay men here are already taken, or not worth your time talking to.

The population is going up drastically here year after year. That means an increase of traffic. It also means an increase of accidents, and this place has plenty of those! My insurance has gone up year after year because of it. My insurance costs more here than it did living in an even more highly populated area.

The wages here are ridiculously low. And don't let the "cost of living" facade fool you. Yes the cost of living here is lower than some other areas in the north, but the wages here don't come close to make up for that lower amount. You will struggle with bills unless you have 2 jobs or have a double income from a spouse or significant other. Also its great for retirees on a guarenteed income too.

The crime here is most likely worse than wherever you came from. Just google Myrtle Beach crime. I don't have to say anything other than that. Live here a few years and the constant sirens from police ambulance and firetrucks will prove my point.

Myrtle Beach has become way over commercialized. There is no individuality here. Everything is corporatized and taken over with god awful buildings and uninteresting architecture. Oh wait, we have the upside down house and the sky wheel. :eye roll:.

So if you are planning to visit Myrtle Beach, please be my guest, but I STRONGLY suggest you leave just as quickly as you came. This is NOT a place you want to move to. Especially if you are a gay working person.
Jeffrey | Socastee, SC
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I hate it here! I didn't want to hate it here. I gave it my all! The people here are cliquey or rude northern transplants or old retired people. There is NO CULTURE, they jobs pay horrible while the rent is ridiculous! I have always been friendly and outgoing, I've lived all over in many states, here....I literally have ZERO friends, it's sad, it's depressing. I saved up to move out of here before I have a major meltdown. The is a beautiful place to visit, it is the worst place to live. Trying to make friends with the girls around here in their late 20s to early 40s, you get major attitudes, they don't want you looking at their boyfriends, it's caddy here, the people are extremely low class and the ones that love it here, were born and raised here or moved from a place WORSE. The grass isn't always greener here. I am being 100% honest too.
Kristin | Myrtle Beach, SC | Report Abuse

You would absolutely love more I am trying to move from its called Eureka Springs Arkansas we have so much culture and history and for Gay Pride festivals a year look it up and as for Crime we have zero
LaShona | Eureka Springs, AR | Report Abuse

Worst place I've ever lived. Anyone who claims SC to be any good is from there (all their lives) or is too dumb and socially inept to make it anywhere else.
Robin | Sellers, SC | Report Abuse

Worst place I've ever lived. Anyone who claims SC to be any good is from there (all their lives) or is too dumb and socially inept to make it anywhere else.
Robin | Sellers, SC | Report Abuse

Hi Jeffrey, So sorry to hear that Myrtle isn’t working out for you. Many of my friends are GLSBTQ and I was concerned (when I visited) that is might not be the most open minded area. Have you visited Wilmington NC? We are not that far from you and the scene is much different. My friends have come to visit, love it, and are considering moving. Our neighborhood is full of “hate has no home here” signs; we are a mixed couple and our circle of friends is very diverse. We moved here having lived in DC NYC LA etc and love it! Would be happy to show you around if you wanted to visit Samira
Samira | Wilmington, NC | Report Abuse

Jeffery's review is spot on. My family has been here about 6 years and we're over it. I love the beach, but we don't even bother going any more unless it's down to Huntington because Myrtle itself is filthy and overcrowded. That's to be somewhat expected since it's a tourist area, but the city should have a crew hired to keep the beach clean from trash and enforce littering laws. My fiancee is an art lover and desperately misses being around culture. Although gas and food remain decent the costs of housing have skyrocketed since we have moved here. The job market plain sucks. A majority of the area employers pay poor wages and offer no benefits, including non seasonal positions. Myrtle will alway hold a place in my heart, lots of nostalgia visiting my grandfather in Murrells every summer as a child, but it is no longer the place I wish to raise my family or live. We plan on relocating once I graduate from school.
Chelsea | Socastee, SC | Report Abuse
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