Review of Calabash, North Carolina

Have bikers taken over this area yet?
Star Rating - 10/22/2009
At present I attempt to live in Murrells Inlet SC. The bikers have taken over day and mostly night. There are two each of some of the biker bars in the same area. The rallies are only part of the problem with locals being the real problem as they think only they have rights.
QUESTION: Is there any chance of similar circumstances in the Calabash area?
Part of the rally has moved to the New Bern fairgrounds. The bikers ride from bar to bar and from meal to meal. They will travel up and down Hwy 17 withoiut mufflers looking for their special entertainment.
QUESTION: Does law inforcement in Brunswick county look the other way as it does in Horry county? They don't make the bars close and bikers ride without mufflers all through the night here. Is there any chance of that in the Calabash, Brunswick county areas?
No | Murrells Inlet, SC
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