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Germantown, TN
Star Rating - 3/3/2006
Germantown is a terrific, albeit expensive, place to live. Virtually no crime-close to a "police state". Housing is steep, but it is truly a beautiful, well-kept suburb. The down side is that it is a suburb of Memphis, a city w/ huge crime problems & political corruption. But if you don't have to travel into Mphs for work, you can find virtually everything you need in Germantown or neighboring suburb of Collierville, except for the sporting events & concerts. We only go into Memphis for Redbird games at the new Autozone Park- it is really a first-rate ball park. Houston High School, which sits on the Germantown/Collierville city line, is an outstanding public school, with an average ACT score of 23.8.
melody | Germantown, TN
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A 23.8 ACT score is not good! 25 is the average for admission to most colleges. For those ranked in the top 100 for US News and World, a 27 or 28 is needed. For Ivy, above 30! Surprised the scores are so low given the income and demographics. Does not suggest great schools.
Lisa | Annapolis, MD
- 3/19/2015
Climate & cost of living
We get all four seasons in Germantown. Winters are mild with maybe 4" of snow. Summers are...
Ken | Germantown, TN | No Replies

- 5/1/2014
Houston High School
I don't care what anybody says about this school.... I HATE HHS! Yeah. It's a great academ...
Kiana | Eads, TN | No Replies

- 3/1/2011
Germantown, TN
Germantown, TN is a small suburb of Memphis, TN with a good school system, great community...
Richard | Germantown, TN | No Replies

- 11/25/2007
Two Seasons, Hot & Dead
I have lived all over this great country. Germantown is my hometown and I can't stand it. ...
Nick | Germantown, TN | No Replies

- 8/24/2007
Germantown TN quality of life
Germantown TN is a nice place to live. The only negative is its close proximity to Memphi...
karen | Germantown, TN | No Replies

- 3/16/2006
But if you're 50 plus, retired and wealthy chances are you'll love it because everything t...
June | Memphis, TN | No Replies

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