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Please Don't Do This, Saving Money Is Not Worth It
Star Rating - 9/20/2018
My wife and I moved here from the Midwest for 2 reasons. One, because as a critical needs hospital they would pay for her to finish her NP school, a cost I was willing to allow them to pay. We also came out for the cheaper cost of living, unfortunately with cheap comes many other costs. The hospital (essentially 3 men) own every facet of this town. The town is run by the Mormon temple who are exceptionally greedy at the expense of the residents. There are few amenities here, but not for any other reason than that the "good ole boys club" does not want the town to grow. There is nothing to do here unless you travel 1 to 3 hours away. The schools are littered with cockroaches and if you do some research KUSD has an F rating for education. There is no infrastructure and what buildings exist are falling apart. It has been tough for my wife and I to meet people as half the population are former inmates while the other half are addicted to meth. 90 percent of the population is either on disability or social security. The hospital is atrocious and will bill insurances incorrectly on purpose for more money. The average person has to weigh 300 pounds, smoke a pack a day, have 2 satanic tattoos and have 4 children from 3 different sources (of which one is locked up). I'm a happily married man but because I'm in shape and have all of my teeth I cannot walk 5 feet in this town without a woman single or married offering me sex. It's a small town so between my ring and general knowledge they should know I'm not interested but they simply don't care. The high school graduation rate is well below national standard as many hillbillies here drop out between 6 and 8th grades. It's a transient community as you have bikers and truckers in and out of here all the time creating homeless and drug problems. The government is so corrupt that they don't even try to hide it. Last year they took 100k of taxpayer money and invested in a golden statue of a turtle and a Route 66 sign to "spruce up tourism." The problem is no one cares about Route 66 and the area the "artwork" sits in is surrounded by crumbling infrastructure and trailers that would do a Toby Keith music video justice. My wife and I just accomplished what we set out to do after 3 years, but man what a long 3 years. We get to go home to the Midwest successful but this place tested us to our max.
William | New Kingman-Butler, AZ
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Give this man a cigar because he hit the nail right on the head in writing about Kingman Az. Congratulations to he and his wife for surviving Kingman long enough to accomplish their goal. The author is totally accurate concerning the few people that own most of the town won't allow / don't want it to grow and residents having to travel hours for something to do or a place to shop. I don't follow politics but I do know that a former Kingman Budget Analyst employee plead guilty to embezzling 1.1 Million dollars between 2007-2015, what's up that it went unnoticed for 8 years??? I do know that there seem to be billing irregularities with KRMC and have always wondered about that too.
Michael | New Kingman-Butler, AZ
- 4/18/2019
terrible place
i have lived in Kingman too long its a dirty seedy town in the mohave dessert area wind bl...
jeff | Kingman, AZ | 1 Reply

- 7/30/2018
Great views, and affordable place to live.
I have lived in Kingman for 2 years and like it. It has enough shopping and events to keep...
Richard | Kingman, AZ | No Replies

- 5/16/2018
Wow where do I start. Cops who kill their police animals and they just buy them a new one ...
billy | Kingman, AZ | No Replies

- 2/13/2018
If people cared, this could be a decent place
This review is more for New Kingman/Butler, but since they're both considered Kingman by t...
Peter | New Kingman-Butler, AZ | No Replies

- 1/29/2018
Cheap Property Tax but that's about it !!!!!!!!!!
We moved to Kingman a while back and we really didn't do our homework, our bad. We read al...
Michael | New Kingman-Butler, AZ | No Replies

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