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Review of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee and Chicago are completely different.
Star Rating - 5/25/2020
I've read all the posts written on Chicago and Milwaukee. I can agree and disagree on many comments but most were superficial. There is no comparison when comparing Chicago and Milwaukee. First, I agree how Chicago has downgraded and that began with the launch of Obama, backed by the big 'O' , and neither are part of Chicago now. Chicago is the 'Windy City' because of politicians; good, bad, wrong or right, it's the pulse of everything. Obama and Oprah both got to where they are because of Chicago politics, so as corrupt as Chicago is, it's far more progressive, open and advanced than any city in this nation. Furthermore, Chicago has always been a first rate city, and from the beginning, segregated. But it is a city filled and fueled by hard work, passion, history, culture, diversity, ethnicity, education, technology, the arts, love, hate, greed and generosity. It was and is all the best and worst things of any first rate city. Milwaukee doesn't even qualify and never will. All the great things that people love about Milwaukee, Chicago has 100 times over. Milwaukee thrives on anything 'drinking' related. It is the pulse and mentality that permeates the lives and minds of those who hold the power. It is a problem everywhere but it is not so overwhelmingly obvious as it is in Milwaukee/Wisconsin. Chicago has a fierceness, a spirit, drive and deep roots that Milwaukee can never compete with. Only 75 miles apart but an entire world of differences. Chicago is alive, there is a vibe and an edge. Whether you are a Jew, Wasp, Immigrant, Catholic, Black, White, Asian, LGBT, educated or not, there is a place for you and an opportunity if you can make happen. If you can't make it in Chicago, you will not make it anywhere. The myth in Wisconsin, is life-longers believe they have a better life than the rest, it's because they have never acclimated to any other, outside of their comfort zone. People are never content in Chicago. You feel it, you smell it and if you don't become a part of it, you don't understand who Chicago really is. Yes, the public educational system is very bad, but the alternatives that have been made possible are far superior to the very best that Milwaukee/Wisconsin could offer. I laugh when Wisconsin wants everyone to believe that UW-Madison is the same school as UW-Milwaukee. Please! It's that foolish mentality that has so many people seduced into 'not getting it' or understanding how the world really works. Madison is a great school, but Chicago has Northwestern, University of Chicago, DePaul, and Loyola just to name the big ones. Sure, there are notorious health facilities in Chicago, but the top rate medical facilities along with the best Doctors of any given field, from around the world, live and work throughout Chicago. The very best Doctors and hospitals and healthcare in general of Milwaukee doesn't come close to Chicago. The 'mentality' of professionals is entirely different. Amazing Dr.'s are available and approachable in Chicago, there is such an overwhelming pool of highly educated and talented Dr.'s, and it's that competition that drives them to be the best. Across the board, even without insurance, you will find someone to help you. Chicagoans aren't afraid of risk taking to make a difference; its a thread that connects the highest to the lowest. Some of the wealthiest people live in Chicago, and as corrupt as it has been, I've never seen more generous people any where throughout the world. A nanny, immigrant construction worker, and non-English speaking person can make a great living in Chicago and be given opportunities they would never have a chance at in Milwaukee, California or any other state. Overall, a Milwaukee mentality is stingy and miserly. They haven't learned from being in a progressive society that if you reward from the bottom, the top becomes more successful. The best lawyers come out of Chicago too. Wisconsin right now is the easiest state to become a lawyer in, and Marquette Law doesn't hold a candle to Northwestern. I believe Wisconsin has a very difficult time drawing in great talent and from what I've witnessed firsthand in what their health profession has to offer; I advise anyone considering a move there, to deeply consider your healthcare options. Healthcare now should be a priority. Geographically, Chicago doesn't offer what other states can in terms of beauty and weather. But you will never find the abundance of parks, forest preserves, and extensive bike and running trails that Chicago had the foresight to build well before their time. It's true Chicagoans can be abrupt, pushy, brash, and demanding. Life is stressful there. You are on and multitasking most of the time, you have to adjust constantly to change in weather, culture, and environments. You have to be industrious, astute and shrewd to get things done right and timely. You have to learn offensive/defensive driving skills, become strategic when planning driving routes, and when you do, traffic is very manageable, and you will be able to drive with ease from NYC to Nairobi because of your experience. A final mention is the police force. Chicago police have been given a bad rap for too long. Unfortunately, the tensions from segregation and brought to a boiling point by the Obama Administration have everything to do with that. And that tension exists every where. I can only speak of what I know firsthand as a Chicago resident of nearly 40 years. The Chicago police are the best, most professional, fair and down to earth I've ever seen. Many come from generations of Italian and Irish police and firemen. They are brave because Chicago has always been a dangerous city and full of crime. As long as you are meek, respectful and compliant you will be treated fairly, and in fact, you will be let go for minor traffic offenses. I've never seen any different, and I've seen the very worst of what Chicago has to offer. In comparison, the Milwaukee police are the most corrupt, disgusting, and arrogant I've had to deal with. They are the stereotypical weakling with a big badge and when they have a chance to use it, it doesn't matter who you are. I believe 100% everything that happened to Bambi Bombenik in the Milwaukee Police Dept. I don't think these guys are just against women, I think they have an inferiority complex against anyone they may feel small against. That 'complex' is a part of the city as a whole. It's the mentality I mentioned earlier that people have throughout Milwaukee and the state. I've seen the worst of Chicago, but I've learned everything by living there. I can travel anywhere in the world from having lived there, worked there and being educated there. I am able to converse with and understand different races, cultures and religions. I am not presumptuous upon meeting people from different backgrounds, I am open to them and ready to learn what makes them unique. I embrace new and better ideas wherever I go. In contrast, I've learned that Milwaukee has nothing to offer. It's a small minded place where people 'believe' and 'behave' that they know everything. They are opposed to change and resent it. You can party in any city that exists, but not every city promotes ideas, change, advancement and opportunity. Chicago has it all and what it doesn't have it will broaden your mind enough to visit other interesting places. Milwaukee is stale, stolid and predictable. If Chicago doesn't rise from the darkness of where it is now, then every great city is without hope. Chicago has always been the very best of all the great cities that have existed. It's people have come from all parts of the world to build her and that is what makes her strong. She has endured many things and continues to get up. Always, it's the worst of times that make us stronger. The people of Chicago are very similar to New Yorkers, and so is the life style. But Chicago is much more livable if you dream of the so-called, 'real life'. If you live in Chicago and need a change, look into another state for options. But I highly advise against Milwaukee and Wisconsin in general.
eliina | Winnetka, IL
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AMEN !!! I've lived in Milwaukee all my life and I'm an idiot for not getting out years ago. I still hope to get to Chicago. Milwaukee (and Wisconsin in general) is ONLY friendly and hospitable to people who meet the following criteria: you hang out with the same people you've known since you were 15 or 16 and rarely anyone else; you got married in your early 20's and had kids around the same time, and you stayed married no matter how miserable you are just because you need that second income; you have been lucky enough to hang on to your manufacturing job for 20+ years or lucky enough to get another one immediately after you were laid-off in the early 1980's; your idea of recreation is drinking ungodly amounts of beer every weekend, ice fishing and hunting, and being obsessed with the Packers no matter what time of year it is; you think that German culture is the best in everything and you privately hold quasi-Nazi beliefs without the desire to kill. The only upsides to Milwaukee are that it is relatively inexpensive to buy a home in different parts of the cities (although that is starting to change), it has a ton of really good restaurants (which don't emphasize healthy eating AT ALL, and account for why most people are overweight here), and the music and ethnic festivals during the summer at the Lakefront are enjoyable (but, again, most people who attend are drunk from consuming obscene amounts of beer). The local economy sucks for the most part because the city has never really recovered from the loss of high-paying manufacturing jobs in the early 1980's. Nothing even close to their pay has moved in, unlike Minneapolis or Chicago who have attracted many high-tech jobs. Milwaukee has a layer of unspoken depressive feelings to it, as does Wisconsin in general. If you live here, perhaps being intoxicated most of the time is the best way to deal with it ! And if you are a divorced guy trying to get a fresh start in life and meet someone new, you will find that there's around four guys for every woman, so even average-looking Milwaukee women will act like they are Playboy centerfold models because they know they can afford to be choosy due to male availability.
Robert | Milwaukee, WI | Report Abuse

The traffic in Chicago is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Both in terms of congestion & road rage. I wasn’t on the receiving end but saw the most extreme road rage in Chicago area. I had to drive out to burbs for work occasionally & I hated it. Luckily I got around mostly on the dilapidated archaic dirty mass transit system.
Eric | Aurora, CO | Report Abuse

Wisconsin is a beautiful state, lakes and green trees everywhere. Milwaukee gets a 'fair' rating. It is cheap to live there compared to other cities. The people are very nice and down to earth. Milwaukee could use a facelift though, A lot of the city seems run down. There are other great places in Wisconsin to live. If it were not for the winters, a nice state to live in. The winters in Illinois are not much better.
Karen | Oak Creek, WI | Report Abuse

Just stick you #$%% in Chicago already we get it u hat Wisconsin especially Milwaukee and we hate you too. OH BTW YOU ARE JUDGMENTAL AND SMALL BRAINED continue on.
mindy | Milwaukee, WI | Report Abuse

Just stick your #$%% in Chicago already we get it you hate Wisconsin especially Milwaukee and we hate you too. OH BTW YOU ARE JUDGMENTAL AND SMALL BRAINED continue on.
mindy | Milwaukee, WI | Report Abuse
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