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Vista Sucks
Star Rating - 5/31/2018
Very rednecky, white trash, hillbilly, blue collar, no class, neck of the woods kind of place. Basically all the poor white ppl who can't afford to live at the beach end up here.
The | Bakersfield, CA
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This must be a troll post, right? You live in Bakersfield? I am not trying to start a flame war if you're being genuine, but I was aware of Bakersfield's reputation before I even moved to California from over half the country away. It's hard to believe that this is genuine - just check out the numbers on this very site.
Danny | Vista, CA
- 12/23/2019
THE hidden gem of North County San Diego
Truly a hidden gem - I was nervous after first moving since it seemed far from San Diego, ...
Danny | Vista, CA | No Replies

- 12/1/2019
Vista a great place to live!
My family and I enjoyed leaving in Vista after moving here from Scottsdale about a year ag...
HCR | Vista, CA | No Replies

- 10/27/2019
Truth about San Diego's hidden North County jewel
Despite some negative troll posts here, Vista is without doubt one of Americanas great cit...
B | Vista, CA | 1 Reply

- 7/11/2014
Vista, CA Climate
Great climate year-round. Even though Vista is about 5 miles inland from Carlsbad in north...
Tom | Vista, CA | No Replies

- 12/31/2013
mess up a good thing
moved to north san diego county in 1980 was a great place to live, but the population expl...
Tim | Blaine, WA | No Replies

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