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The gem of San Dimas
Star Rating - 6/13/2013
Lori I'm assuming you could not afford the VIA VERDE neighborhood of San Dimas. I just moved into VIA VERDE and it is so peaceful! I love it! I have a beautiful green belt behind my backyard with no neighbors in the back. I love all the universities that are perfectly drivable to, CAL POLY POMONA, CLAREMONT COLLEGES, AZUSA PACIFIC, MT SAC etc. Via Verde is just covered in trees and shade. I have never seen road rage here or even a car crash, everyone is so friendly and says hi when walking by, so Lori, I'm assuming you lived in the part of San Dimas that is near downtown. As for education, there is a wonderful high school gem known as International Polytechnic High school located on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona university less than 7 minutes away! It's a public school and I attended it and the API is well over 800. The home prices in via verde, right now well over 700k are well worth it. :D
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