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A boring city
Star Rating - 4/7/2020
I moved to Birmingham 6.5 years ago for a new job. The city is very boring in my opinion, there isn't much to do over the weekend except shopping or eating out. Summer is long and humid. Pollen in Spring is terrible. The biggest employer seems to be UAB that does not offer any career ladder for employees. I agree with some of the reviewers here that blending with the locals is not easy. So I feel isolated here. I am glad I can finally move out of here.
Chee | Hoover, AL
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The thing about Birmingham is the secrecy of it all. As mentioned in many other reviews, Birmingham is very segregated and poor. Things are happening in the city but they are not openly advertised for risk of someone of the 'other color' showing up. There is even a Secret Stages live music event in contradiction to the City Stages music event. I was a born and raised citizen of Birmingham and I left as soon as I gained the means. People fail to realize that the fight to end the slavery structure is ongoing in Alabama. Systematic oppression plagues this city and surrounding areas. The black people have given up on finding/ creating opportunities for growth and the white people are bitter and refuse to allow any of their resources go towards the general community. Last I was there, Alabama passed stricter laws on immigrants so I am guessing the growing hispanic community has moved on. All this mention of Hoover, Vestavia Hills, and Mountain Brook is referring to the wealth bubble there. If you really want to stay, join a church and start an education program that isn't run by the daughters of the confederacy. We need it.
Prix | Seattle, WA | Report Abuse

I am going to give a review, because I currently live here and ready to leave, been here almost 4 years, so can give a review, because I gave this city a chance. The housing is poor and you get very little for your money. So, unless, you want to pay 1200 or more for a apartment or house, you will get cheap stuff. Housing and apartments are limited for underneath that amount, people do not move, because they know how hard housing is to get in a decent amount. The cost of living is not low here, unless, you want to live in the hood. The companies hiring here, are low paying jobs, usually contracted jobs, because most companies go through staffing agencies and they do not want to take on permanent workers. The average pay is 13-15hr for most jobs. Beware of shady apartment complex, who will watch to restore their old property to make it new, by charging you, for things that were there. Again, most properties are not updated, so this is their scam. Trinity properties is the shadiest, if you look at BBB, you will see how they treat people. Outdoor bugs that come inside, because of poor insulation, if you scared of bugs, do not come to Birmingham, they crawl in to your house or apartment.
shirl | Birmingham, AL | Report Abuse
- 12/16/2020
small city to enjoy the typical southerner's life
Lived in the Birmingham for years. The small city was divided by the historical train...
leo | Houston, TX | No Replies

- 3/10/2019
You should visit Birmingham
Birmingham was sooo bad just 10 years ago. The city is starting to look alive again. But s...
G | Alabaster, AL | No Replies

- 12/5/2018
Stay away if you are not white and from the area
Birmingham might be a good place for people who have lived there for generations. Howe...
L | Katy, TX | 4 Replies

- 7/4/2018
Don't do it... Unless you're a "brown noser"
I live in huntsville alabama I've out of work professionally About 4yrs. Temp work here...
Talut | Huntsville, AL | 1 Reply

- 1/3/2013
Birmingham not the place
I have lived here for 12 years, and don't like it at all. My family and I live outside of ...
Tera | Calera, AL | 6 Replies

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