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Diversity Complaint?????
Star Rating - 5/1/2009
I found the statement about Walla Walla's so called lack of diversity to be unfounded. Frankly, having lived in small coastal towns for the last 30 years kind of biased me. Moving to, living and working in Walla Walla, I have seen persons of every ethnic background. More so than even many cities!
I guess one has to be open to people to see what is really there. As far as the wanna be comment, this person does not embrace history, farming, blue collar work, or what it takes to make a rural community.
Sure, there is no huge world renown Theater, or Bobsled team, but, spend a little time downtown meeting folks-like I have. Go to a church, a library, or to the colleges. There, amongst the people, the real folks, you'll find diverse persons of all walks of life.
If you are looking for "grungy street folks" like Portland or Seattle, that type of diversity is not in abundance, neither are haters, gangs, thugs and druggies-sorry you have tried to paint Walla Walla in a poor light. As a person of 'diversity' I feel quite at home here!
John | Mountain Village, AK
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Beg to differ John. The gang problem is Walla Walla is quite an issue. In fact, just in the last 2 months there has been a gang related stabbing, in which an individual was stabbed in the eye and another person, who was stabbed in the neck. And another gang rival occurred only a week ago and that included about 80 gang members, who had baseball bats and one even had an ax. The man was beat in the head with a baseball bat, was hospitalized. It was all in the local newspaper. And I know it is bad publicity for tourism. Further, the lack of diversity comment was intended to inform people that other cultures here are not embraced. The city of Walla Walla has a large Latino population, but they will not celebrate Cinco De Mayo or arrange events that integrate or honor other cultures. The Latinos integration into the community, primarily is their cheap farm labor for the wealthy vineyard owners....Maybe you've spent too much time in AK to really know what Walla Walla is about these days....
michelle | Seattle, WA
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